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Good Morning!

I finally got a Facebook page, I have no idea how it’s work but will be updated automatically with this blog.

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Fantasia 2014 July 18th:20th 

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Is anyone still traumatized over Maeve Donovan? I am still traumatized over Maeve Donovan.

Me too :„,(



Meeting Matthew Gray Gubler was the number one on my list. I didn’t even know i had a list.

When you live in Montreal and everyone thinks that Canada is only either Toronto or Vancouver, it’s really hard to hope something special happens here. I’m not saying Montreal is a bad city, probably the…

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Actor Matthew Gray Gubler and director Richard Bates Jr. talked about the amazing horror and comedy movie Suburban Gothic. Suburban Gothic premiered yesterday at Fantasia Festival in Montreal and the people who saw it were impressed because of the story and the actors. So we hope you liked it!!


 Fantasia 2014 - Life After Beth